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spreading smiles around greater columbus

Team Impact is a state-registered Nonprofit Organization started by high schoolers for high schoolers to improve their communities and earn service time in fresh, fun and unique ways.


team impact hosts numerous events all working towards one collective goal; gather as much money as possible and let our team decide how to donate it every year.

Awards & Recognition


community service &

Team Impact always keeps the end-goal in mind of collecting funding for charity through a variety of fundraising events. However, we do our part to improve our local areas through direct service as well. Our variety of event types are truly inclusive for everyone to get involved.


Across our five fundraising-centric events in 2023, we've brought in over $600 to donate to charity, all through fun activities such as trivia nights and basketball tourneys (pictured)


Collaborative Events

Team Impact has hosted a variety of collaborative events with local organizations, such as the City of Columbus Parks Department last July. (pictured)


Community Improvement

Throughout our lifespan, Team Impact has hosted 4 cleanups of local shared spaces, such as Alum Creek Beach. (pictured)

Screenshot 2023-09-09 021441.png


Team Impact provides a professional service hour transcript, updated 24 hours after each event, as well as a physical certificate at the end of each calendar year. Check your hours online now using our volunteer resources page.


our leadership


all around town

Along with our goal of supporting charity, Team Impact also collaborates with numerous local businesses for mutual benefit.

We've collaborated with CRMD Ice-Cream, Delaware Panera Bread, and the Sandbar Station to post adverts and even host events on their premises. 


we would love to hear your ideas and collaborate on an event.

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